Building a Diverse, Equitable, Inclusive and Belonging Workforce

Research shows that effective DEIB strategies will help better support employees, build culture, and create a thriving business. The purpose is to develop a culture of belonging in which every employee feels more engaged – feeling connected and heard.  

Here are 5 Ways to Promote Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging:


Focus on Human Values 

Tell members of your organisation that the core of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging are human values like compassion, fairness and respect.  

A DEIB culture should be fostered through educating and training your managers and employees. Once there is a high level of awareness, they will interact with one another in a positive and supportive way. 

Be More Inclusive in Recruitment Efforts 

Review your recruitment policy to remove unfair requirements, and use a standardised job interview process for all candidates. Give people with disabilities or retirees a chance to fill vacancies in your company. 

Additionally, try to see if there are any sections of your operations where you can offer job opportunities to people from underserved communities.  

Seek Larger Pool of Thoughts 

Collect feedback from all employees as a reference to improve your DEIB initiatives. Invite representatives of diverse backgrounds to speak at company events, such as townhall meetings and boot camps.  

Listen to constructive suggestions from managers and employees across the organisation for ideas to draft new policies or review internal guidelines. Everyone has the right to voice out. 

Ensure Representation Across All Employee Levels 

Top executives must create an equitable framework for career advancement at all employee levels – from administrative assistants and mid-level managers to senior managers. 

Your organisation’s leadership must provide employees learning and professional development opportunities by conducting internal training or hiring external trainers. Work closely with all heads of department for this purpose.  

Explain Unconscious Bias 

Our different upbringing and life experiences cause us to have unconscious biases – obstacles to your company’s DEIB efforts. 

Diversity and equity training can reveal how different employees experience the same workplace in various ways. Then, each employee can self-check their behaviour and support others to do the same.


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