Creating a Better Employee Experience

Creating a Better Employee Experience

As more Gen Zs join the workforce, employee expectations have shifted towards younger persprctives. Solely offering attractive compensation packages is no longer sufficient to keep employees satisfied. Here are 6 Tips for Creating a Better Employee Experience:  

Know Your Employee Demographic 

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that 75% of the workforce will be made up of millennials by 2030. Organisations must prepare for what this demographic is looking for in their employee journey.  

Update Your Onboarding Process to Suit Current Trends 

The onboarding process is crucial to building that positive employee experience. A few ways to welcome new recruits are assigning a mentor to guide them in their new position and a single-day orientation to introduce them the company culture and benefits. 

Make Use of Employee Journey Mapping 

Assess your employees at different stages of their stint, for example the new employee stage, after two to three years, after more than three years. At each stage of an employee’s journey, their needs and expectations would be different.  

Do Not Overload Your Employees 

Research shows that work overload can reduce employee productivity by as high as 68%. Keep track of each team member’s workload and adjust their schedules or reassign tasks where necessary. 

Create a Culture of Daily Learning 

Sometimes, employees are so tied up with daily work that they have no time for learning or skill development. Try to allocate time on a daily or weekly basis for your employees to learn a new concept or attend skill training. 

Share Customer Feedback With Your Employees 

Keep your employees motivated by sharing customer feedback with them. The customer’s appreciation of your employees’ contribution will boost their morale and encourage them to keep up the good work.


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